R.E+ oder R.X+ federweg issue

Hello all! Hope it’s OK to write in English (answers in German no problem!)

I’m heavily considering a Rotwild + bike for my all-mountain/Enduro adventures.
After some looking around I noticed that some have put a (up to) 160mm fork on the RX. I’m still in doubt between the RE and the RX (both in +) so now i’d like to know if with the R.X+ 2018 it is possible to put a 160mm fork in (or alternatively a 150mm) and what would be the consequence for Head angle and bracket height?
Reason I ask is that general geometry of RX is a tad better for me (XL) and if possible would make the RX more all-round for me!

Hope to hear some clarifications! Thanks!

Hello MarsMarx,

„…so now i’d like to know if with the R.E+ 2018 it is possible to put a 160mm fork in“

As far as i can see from the technical specifications the each Type of the 2018 RE+ have an 160mm Fork.

And just my 2 cents to the RE+, which i have by myself. For me it is an absolute best all-round Bike i ever had :slight_smile:

Sorry, slip of the keyboard, I off course meant if it it possible to put a 160mm in the RX! (edited in the OP :wink:
Good to hear the RE is still pretty allround!

Try it yourself. SInce the 2016 model the Fox 34 FLOAT 27,5 can be adjusted internally up to 160 mm travel. https://www.ridefox.com/help.php?m=bike&id=615