Bearings above the the engine & Engine replacement

Hi Rotwild,
The Deer, 8 months old . 1770km on the counter. I just had to change the engine. Okay , shit happens …. Guarantee , replacement.=> I thought that they made the 21 models better water resistant ( Brose S Mag)!?
Than finding the source of the difficult to identify noises. First steering column revision… it wasn’t that .
Apparently it was the bearings just above the engine towards the swing arms from the back.
They are already worn out. ( no , i didn’t use all the time a power washer and yes , I know that you don’t need to spray on these parts.)
The dealer says that Rotwild doesn’t take this under guarantee… ?it’s worn out? After such a short amount off time?
Hey Rotwild, maybe put some water resistant grease on these bearings or make it better.=>Is this an often reported problem?
What are your experiences here ? And from the other owners?

Hi Dankes, on one of my bikes (Scott Genius) it was simlar problme with the bearings, so waht i mean i don’t think this is a Rortwild issue, but anyway. So i replaced all my bearings on my old Bike with „Enduro bearings“ MAX Black Oxide and … it’s works. So but check your Warranty before you do something and talk with your reseller.

I also had to have all the bearings replaced after a little over a year. All costs were covered.

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@Kalle: was any kind of problem found or do you expect that the next change will continue to happen after each one more year (and then on your own cost)?

There was no particular problem and the bearings remained the same. So I’m wondering why should the second set last longer?

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