IPU 518 Wh zu verkaufen

Hello, sorry for writing in English. I hope that offering parts for sale is acceptable here.
I have a 518 Wh IPU for sale. Mounted by Rotwild on my R.E1+ on January 2017. It still has 93% of capacity (demonstrable).
Contact me if interested.

Hallo, Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch. Ich hoffe, dass hier Teile zum Verkauf angeboten werden.
Ich habe eine 518 Wh IPU zum Verkauf. Von Rotwild auf meiner R.E1 + im Januar 2017 montiert. Es hat immer noch 93% der Kapazität (nachweisbar).
Kontaktieren Sie mich bei Interesse.

I may be interested in the battery. But I would need the exact measurements in cm (length / height / width). Without the eyelets and the wings at the end. Also photos showing the height and width and the upper side / screw eyelets. Last but not least, please also indicate your weight and asking price.Thank you.

Hello Sycad. Please get in contact with me by email. My address is
L u c i o (dot) m a z z i (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m. (Omit all spaces)